Number 2







First Appearance

9 (2005 short) (cameo)

Appears in

9 (2005 short)
9 (2009 film)

Voice actor

Martin Landau

Wait, I'm a friend. -2's first meeting with 9.

Number 2 is a stitchpunk from both the "9" 2005 short and the 2009 film. His fastening was a lace, much like that found on a shoe.

2005 short Edit


It's clearly unknown what 2 looked or acted like before he was killed by the Cat Beast; but he appears to have 9's body design and a number 2 on his back. What fastens his skin is unknown.

Fiction role Edit

After 9 combine the Talisman (which used to be under the Cat Beast's possession) and the mirrored talisman together, it opened up to release the souls trapped inside there. The soul of 2 can be seen coming out from it and returning back to his numbered skin, never looking at 9 or thanking him.

2009 film Edit


The 2009 film version, displaying 2

Description/Appearance Edit

2 is a kind, brave inventor, willing to teach and help others. He was protective of the other stitchpunks, even protecting the young inexperienced 9 with his life. He is made out of burlap, with arms made out of a material similar to vinyl. He has shoe leather running down his stomach, which somewhat resembles a necktie. He has a metal plate on the back of his head, and his eyes are large and made of brass. Due to his frequent excursions into the wastelands, his body has sutained much wear and tear, and he is now more frail than the other stitchpunks. He carries a cane to help him walk, uses a spear staff for defence, and a candle hat to help see the way ahead of him. There is a pane of glass on (half of a pair of a human's glasses that are broken) the front of the helmet to help him see farther.

2 is portrayed as a frail, elderly inventor who can easily construct new gadgets. He built a telescope with 5, who he also helped fix after he lost an eye. Despite his aging physique, 2 is practically fearless and willingly sacrifices himself to save 9 from the Cat Beast. 2 is very caring towards his friends, most notably 5, 7 and 9, and reminscent when it comes to the ruined warzone. 2 was sent out by 1 to die, but 2 holds no grudge against 1 due to his natural kind and caring nature.

"9" Scientist FacebookEdit

According to the Scientist's Facebook page, 2 awakened on Monday, August 17 at 5:17 p.m. After the Scientist removed 2 from the Transfer Device, 2 leapt from his hand and shows a level of concern on his creator. When he went off to explore the room, he looked back one last time and smiled. Then, he carefully make his way across the floor, touching every object in the room. Later on, the Scientist comments that he is fascinated by the junk scattered in the Scientist's Workshop and happened to make a simple telescope out of some junk.

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