The workshop.

5's workshop is a room owned by 5. He uses it as a workspace to invent useful objects. It also doubles as storage for things found out in the wastes. It is hidden in the Cathedral.

Description/appearance Edit

Before the warEdit

Prior to the war, the workshop was just a large storage case. Many church objects were stored here, such as incense, candles, crosses and other things. A Bishop would walk down the church during a mass and collect these objects. Some Christmas lights were also kept inside.

During the warEdit

As the monastery was hit by gunfire and shattered by explosions, the workshop was battered. All the objects inside were destroyed all rolled out. The rest of the workshop, such as its wooden walls, floor, and ceiling, remained intact.

After the warEdit

After the war ended, the stitchpunks came into the church. 5 found the case and filled it with many small tools. 6's drawings were stored in a case by 2 as well. And 5 invents thing here.

Role in the filmEdit

The workshop is introduced in the movie as 9 wakes up in the workshop with 5, who tends to his wounds from the wastes. They talk briefly and are interrupted by the arrival of 1 and 8.

The workshop is later seen in the movie when 9 and 5 go to look at 6's drawings; they are caught by 8, while doing so.

During the Winged Beast attackEdit

While the Winged Beast assaults the cathedral, the workshop itself wasn't near the attack, so it was unharmed. However, in a deleted scene where the plane falls and explodes, it is possible that it could have been damaged.

Aftermath of the Winged Beast attackEdit

When the rest of the cathedral became an inferno of fire, the workshop is destroyed eventually is burned up. All the objects are turned to ash in the fire soon after.


  • A 1930's radio can be seen in the workshop, possibly used by the stitchpunks to hear any news speeches before humanity fell.