1's Death.

Death is a natural part of life, but in this movie, it's a different story. In the actual movie, death is shown by the Fabrication Machine's eye closing, shutting down. During that process, 3 streams are activated, coming out violently, and going into the stitchpunks' eyes and mouth. Then, it's soul is seen coming out. After it's done, the streams come back, releasing the deceased stitchpunk. Then, the Fabrication Machine's eye opens, with the stitchpunks' soul appearing, then it disappears. There are a total of 8 stitchpunks to die in the 2009 movie(not including 0 since he/she was not shown in the movie). They are, in order, 2, 8, 5,7,6,3, 4 and 1.All stitchpunks except 9 die.

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