• The Scientist's Legacy: Instead of going to his memorial stand, 6 emerges out from the Talisman and ran to a box that 3 & 4 found. Upon resting himself on it, he disappears but 9 realizes that 6's key was the key to open the locked box. Upon opening the box with 6's key, the box's contents reveal a mirror, the words on it saying, "Hope" (as 9 compares it with a piece of paper saying "The Last") The message may refer to 9 (and possibly 7 and 3 & 4) being the legacy of the Scientist.
  • The Fall Out: In which 6, 8 and 1 seem to have seperated from the rest of the group. As 1 settles down to sleep, 6 comes to 8 in hopes of the return of his beloved key. 8 offers it to him and, at 6's skeptical look, reassures him. As 6 reaches out to take the key 8, true to form, snatches it away laughing and throws it several feet away. 6 scrambles after it muttering, "My key! My key! My key.." as 8 walks off, still laughing. Upon reaching it, 6 wraps his hands around it and holds it close, still muttering. As the soft murmers die off, he looks up and looks around, uncertain. He asks in a small voice, "2... 2... 2 is coming?" to seemingly no-one, obviously showing he had heard some form of warning of the future, and was trying to assure that was what was shown or said.
  • Throw Me the End of the Rope: After the battle with the Winged Beast, the platform on which 5 and 6 are standing begins to fall. As they plummet down after the giant bird-like creature and the ceiling fan, 7 drops the end of the rope/string tied about her waist to 9, who ties swiftly it around his and practically free-falls into the explosion. There is a moment of silence before 9, 5 and 6 swing into view, with 5 and 6 clutching to 9 and 6 laughing delightedly, exclaiming, "Fun, fun! again! Again!"

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