The Scientist

The Scientist from 9 (2009 film)

A Human is a race of men inhabited Earth and creators of the Machines and Stitchpunks.


9 (2009 film)Edit

The ScientistEdit

The Scientist is the creator of the Talisman, Fabrication Machine and the Stitchpunks. Aware that the world is ending, he created the Talisman and the Stitchpunks as the key to restore life on Earth once more.

The ChancellorEdit

The Chancellor is the man who triggered the extinction of humanity by having the The Scientist create the Fabrication Machine which would later turn against them and led to his downfall.

Role in the FilmEdit

The Humans (Homo Sapiens) were the most intelligent and dominant species on the planet until the war with the machines.The Humans appeared in flashbacks as they desperately tried to stop the Machines in an all-out war against them. After the fires of war died down, all  was left of them were bones and decaying bodies.


  • There is a possibility that the human race have survived during the war against the machines since there's so many armies and probably may have won against them but at a great cost.