the oil derrick feild

The oil reserve is a massive land mass with oil derricks, pump jacks, drilling rigs, and other oil objects. Many of the area has oil derricks near them.

before the warEdit

Before, the oil reserve was most likely used to get oil for the huge steel behomoth robots. Thousands of oil derricks and pumpjakcs were erected from the earth. It laso had a train tht would come around cross a bridge.It was mostly bare.

After the warEdit

These words were used by someone other then 9wiki. source is down below.

"In the movie, the vast land is seen after 9and his friends destroy the factory. The ragdolls have a breif celbration.

5 wanders off from the group and is attacked by the fabrication machine. The machine quickly grabs him and 5 yells an begs for mercy. It kills 5 without pitty and movs on to teh other ragdolls. 1 directs the group to the bridge and the grand machine still purses them. the beats wreaks the bridge and 7 tries to kill the beast. 6 says to stop butis captured by the Brain. 6 is killed and 9 goes off to find the source leaving 7 and 1 in teh dust.