Seeker concept art.

A Seeker is a small blimp-like machine that acts as sentries for the Fabrication Machine. Dozens had been built and would scout the area around the factory


Seekers have a large croissant-shaped balloon on their back with a pair of hand pump air-blowers on both sides, giving them the ability to fly. They also have two large red eyes and two arms, which can adjust the bellow on its back to pump fire into their balloon or to sound an alarm using hand-cranked sirens.

They also collect resources and scraps from the wasteland, so the Fabrication Machine can build more machines with it. They have a set of searchlights that helps with this.

Role in the filmEdit

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More concept art.

One Seeker first appears watching the ragdolls heading to the library after the Winged Beast destroys The Cathedral. It spies on them then brings back the winged beast's head as it goes to the factory, where the Fabrication Machine is making Spiderbots. It drops the head to the Fabrication Machine, showing it had been destroyed by the stitchpunks.

Later in the film, a group of Seekers scout outside the factory. They shine their lights near the oil pumps 9 6,5, 3 and 4 and 1 are hiding at. When 1 attempts to light the barrel on fire, they are caught in the searchlight of a Seeker. 5 panics and fires his harpoon at the machine, catching it by the back. As 5, 6, 3 and 4 try to pull it down to prevent it from getting away, it sounds the alarm while attempting to fly away, lifting the four stitchpunks into the air. 1 pulls the rope onto a ripped piece of metal on the barrel, making the rope snap straight. The four fall and the Seeker is stuck but continues to sounds its alarm.

As 9 and 7 escape the factory to get away from the Spiderbots, the five other stitchpunks push the barrel down. The Seeker, still tied onto the barrel, goes into the tunnel. 7 grabs 9's knife and the two rip and jump through the Seeker's balloon. The Seeker is dragged into the factory. It is assumed the rope snapped since when the barrel bounces into the factory, the seeker isn't on it. The factory blows up and all of the Seekers are destroyed.


  • A Seeker appears in the top right corner of the 9 DVD cover.
  • The balloon on its back was likely made out of old parachutes.