1's Soul being taken.

Soul Transference is a process with The Talisman, in which a soul (wither whole or fractured) is transferred into a different body, absorb by another being, or stored until released. When The Talisman is active it extends three arms outward with green colored streams jetting out and entering the eyes and mouth of a person. The soul is then extracted out of the body with the streams retracting back with the soul and into The Talisman.

Users Edit

The Scientist was the first person to use this technique, it was originally meant give his intelligent to the B.R.A.I.N. However after the machine snapped and turned against humanity, The Scientist remodeled The Talisman to divide up his soul and give them to the stitchpunks. Though costing his life for the last one but in hope they may restore the world back in place. Cat Beast In the 2005 film, The Cat Beast used half of The Talisman to tracked down and would steal the souls of the stitchpunks it captured.

In the 2009 film, after The Cat Beast found The Talisman and captured 2. It went to the factory and locked 2 in a birdcage then was clearing scrape to expose a connector on The Fabrication Machine. It is likely the cat beast would have used 2's soul to activate The Machine and captured the remaining stitchpunks had not 5 and 9 intervened.

The Fabrication Machine had been the most active user of this. When the machine would take a soul, it will shut down and closes it's eye. The Talisman would then activate and proceed to transfer the soul into itself, the machine's eye would then open to reveal the captured soul being absorbed and it's circuits electrifying. It had desired to captured all the stitchpunks souls but was stopped by 9.


In the 2005 film, after 9 defeats the cat beast. He puts the talisman back together, releasing the trap souls of the stitchpunks. All the souls began the wonder off with 5 looking back and giving him a look of thanks.

In the 2009 film, after learning and teaching the others how to activate the talisman, had attempted to sacrifice himself to get it back but 1 took his place instead. 9 takes the talisman out and with the machine reaching out for him, he activates the device and aims it at the machine. It then absorbs five souls from The Fabrication Machine with it malfunctioning and exploding finally destroying the machine. The surviving stitchpunks hold a ceremony for their deceased kind, when 9 felt ready, he activates The Talisman releasing the trapped souls. With 8, 6, 2, 5, and 1 coming out of The Talisman, each went to their respective place then slowly floating up towards the sky eventually merging together triggering a rainstorm with the camera pulling back revealing the raindrops containing bacteria.