Spiderbots are machines that appear in the 2009 film. The Fabrication Machine created

Spiderbots scurrying to catch 9 and 7.

them to gather resources and were meant to populate the Earth.

They have fangs like spiders and metalice bodies with the stander-ed red eyes. They make squeaks and they run around the factory and climb on walls.

Role in the filmEdit

When a seeker returns to the factory many spiderbots where climbing around the factory outside walls and inside over rocks and debris. The Fabrication Machine had been making another one when the seeker approached with the The Winged Beast's head.

When 9 sneaks into the factory, one scuttles by. He crawls through a pipeline and hides as another spiderbot goes past-by into a hole. He rescues 7 and tried to escape, but the machine hears the alarm siren and sees them, then sends hundreds after them. One screeches on top of a rock and they swarm around the factory with a few crawling over 8's corpse. They give chase up the tunnel and are hit by a barrel filled with an explosive substance (presumed oil or gasoline), and it is believed they had all been destroyed in the explosion.


One of many Spiderbots chasing 7 and 9


  • The spiderbots have four eyes, one large and three small ones. Real spiders have eight.
  • They make screeches and squeaks like large spiders would do.
  • They are about the size of real-life tarantulas.
  • The machine appears to have made about 600.
  • They look like their bodies are made of candle stick holders, but close inspection shows there actually belows to help them speed forward.