8 and a tower of the cathedral

The Cathedral is the "sanctuary" of the stitchpunks in the 2009 film.


Before the warEdit

Before the Fabrication Machine turned against humanity, it was a normal Catholic church where Catholic people go to for Sunday services or praying out their sins. It was in perfect shape, having a praying hall, a bishop's chamber and a clock tower; it came with many beautiful windows, with one that featured what appears to be an angel.

During the warEdit

The Cathedral was still standing when the Fabrication Machine turned against humanity. Before the first eight stitchpunks came into this building, a war plane crashed through the roof of the praying hall section, inflicting damage to the Cathedral. Presumably, most of the wood that covers the clock tower was torn off but the windows were still intact. The clock stopped working and some bells in the clocktower fell and smashed into the wooden floor below. 1 was the first one to notice the building and guided the others into it, where they waited for the war to end.

After the warEdit

When the world ended, the Cathedral was still there with many battle scars on it, such as a war plane still nearly crashed into the Cathedral. Despite the cracks, broken ceiling beams, and the holes in it, it still serves as the "sanctuary" of the stitchpunks. There have been some adjustments inside the building made by the stitchpunks:

  • A bucket serving as an elevator was made along with a pulley system to have the elevator go up or down from the ground floor to 5's and 2's the watchtower, or the former roof of the bell tower.
  • Some wood serving as walls was added on the top level, or 1's, 8's, and 6's chambers, to create 6's chamber. Aside 1's throne were some old-classic games and "junk".
  • The watchtower was added on the very high top of the Cathedral.

the fan

Role in the filmEdit

9 recovers/finding 2 scene Edit

The Cathedral appears as a broken yet still standing Catholic church that has war damage on it from the war. The stitchpunks 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 lived inside this building, hiding from the Cat Beast. 9 awakened inside this building after 5 rescued him from the "emptiness" (as 5 calls the outside world).

During the Winged Beast attack Edit

The Winged Beast entered the Cathedral by bursting through one of the Catholic glass windows. Unfortunately, the beast also struck the firepit, which still had its ashes burning, against the wooden wall, thus causing the firepit to set fire onto the building. The stitchpunks managed to escape the chamber where the fire was building up but they had to stay on the outside features of the Cathedral in order to destroy the Winged Beast, to which the war plane was put in good use (its propellers being activated by 5 and 6 from the wires to destroy the beast, since its cable is stuck onto it)

Aftermath of the Winged Beast attack Edit

Since there was no water around, the stitchpunks were forced to leave the Church and around nighttime, when the stitchpunks are near the Library (where 3 and 4 hid), the Church can be seen burning from the flames. 1 was overcome with sadness over the destruction of his sanctuary, but he was comforted by 8. The Church was presumed to be burned down into ashes and rubble.

Trivia Edit

  • The Church has a theme song called "The Sanctuary". It was themed by Danny Elfman and composed by Deborah Lurie. The theme song was played when 1, 5, 8, and 9 are going up to 1's chamber and when 5 takes 9 to the watchtower.
  • A small statue of Mary is in the Bishop's room.
  • The broken clock face is stuck on the time 9 past 9!

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