The Symbol represents the Chancellor's Nation, it has three pointy edges at the top and the middle point is longer between the other two. The symbol is colored black and a triangle surrounding it, a circle on the bottom where the middle circle is colored red. The symbol is surrounded with red color. It's displayed everywhere throughout the Chancellor's Nation.

In NationEdit

The symbol is widely spread, it is shown mostly in banners posted in the Nation's walls. Even in propaganda posters of the Chancellor, also in the Scientist's lab the Nation's symbol is also seen behind the B.R.A.I.N. When the Fabrication Machine was shown to the public, the Nation's symbol is seen there.

In UniformEdit

In the film, The Chancellor's uniform has the Nation's symbol on it, on his collars. It is also shown in his armband. From the Chancellor's men, the symbol is not in their collars though and they don't wear the
armbands, but the helmet, where 8 was holding during the flashback, has the Nation's symbol on it. 

In the Chancellor's ArmyEdit

When the Fabrication Machine designed the Steel Behemoths, The Nation's symbol is imprinted on the War Machines, also in the War Machines' gas bombs.The plane that crashed into the Church also has the Nation's symbol imprinted on it.


  • The way the Chancellor's symbol is widely posted on the Nation can be similar during Nazi Germany where the swastika is also influenced in Germany in the periods of the late 1930s
  • The Chancellor's symbol colors are also similar to the Nazi symbol
  • The Factory, from a distance, oddly represent the Nation's symbol
  • The Winged beast's wings has the Chancellor's symbol on it
  • The Chancellor's symbol seems to alternate a bit, in the 9 Scientist the Chancellor's symbol alternated in the 9 film.