Χωρίς τίτλο

The city along with the Scientist's appartement

The City and the Wasteland are the places where most of the film's events take place.

The CityEdit

The City is the place in the movie where most human citizens of the nation used to live before the war with the machines.The entire place is deserted and is post-apocalyptic without any signs of life.It also may happen to be the capital of the nation.It was the home of the Chencellor and of the Scientist.It's critically unknown how the city looked like before the war but possibly it was a peaceful place.The entire location is surronded by mountains from afar and as well in the wasteland there's the Factory.Around the place there's buildings where most people used to work and behind the Scientist's apartment there might be more houses.It doesn't seem to have any parks or skyscrapers or docks or underground tunnels. The City also appears to be heavily walled, that's spread across the entire land.

The WastelandEdit

The wasteland is called the landscape right outside the City where also there's The Factory.There might be used to be plants and trees around the factory but with the war,the battles,the fire,the explosions and the toxic bombs everything has died.It shows also that it had radio and electric antenas and pumping units possibly for
giving to the Factory and the Machine more power to continue working as well it has also underground tunnels,destroyed machines and vechicles after the war,cracks that sow deep holes like quicksand and cliffs.It's unknown how other locations outside both of the City and Wasteland look like. It was also the main battlefield during the war with the machines.


  • The buildings in the city and the sewers would make good places for the humans to hide from the machines
  • Most humans may have escaped the machines if they had tried to make it out of the city
  • The Wasteland looks like the Nevada desert
  • The City has some resemblances from Washington D.C. from the game Fallout 3 because of its post apacalyptic and retro style
  • There's a possibilty if there's still life in the world and human life too besides that city because it's possibly the only place where the war with the machines happened