The Factory
The Factory is where all the machines were born. The machine lives here.


Before the warEdit

The building was possibly made by the chancellor for the B.R.A.I.N to create machines, so they could fight human wars. There is a large, glowing red window that resembles the Machine's eye. There are also oil pumps on the outside walls.

During the warEdit

The B.R.A.I.N was overmaking deadly robots to fight mankind. Meanwhile, war machines around the world turned on humans and started to eliminate all life. The B.R.A.I.N made the cat beast , then was shut down and left inside.

After the warEdit

The machine remained inside and the cat beast lived here trying to find the the object so the machine could awaken and recapture the lifeless world. The Factory is an imposing, ominous building with a high ceiling and many tall windows along the sides. There is one round window in the front like an eye similer to the machine's eye.

Role in the filmEdit

5 sees the factory through his sextant telescope and it is seen in the distance some times.

The Factory As Seen Through 5's Telescope

The Factory as seen through 5's telescope.

The Factory has a few active smokestacks and many large piston-like appendages on each side that are constantly pumping up and down. When the Fabrication Machine went to work, it became very busy and eerily lit up inside.

The Factory was destroyed by the Stitchpunks when they sent a barrel of oil with a lit fuse tumbling into it.