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The talisman.

The mysterious Talisman is a metallic object with three strange symbols etched on its surface. It is created by the Scientist, it requires an owner and a combination to activate it but if inserted into a socket of a Machine, then the Machine can use the talisman on its own will to kill anyone without doing a combination (which is bad news). The only true owner of the Talisman known so far is 9, since the Talisman was meant to be a gift to him from the Scientist to preserve life and human culture.

2005 short film Edit

Before the film Edit

The Talisman was split into two: itself and the mirrored talisman, though when it was split was unclear. 5 happened to have the mirrored one, which is almost flat and has a mirror on its short flat side that projects green light when danger comes, while the Cat Beast has the Talisman itself, which is like half of a sphere except metal and has four slots.

Fiction role in the film Edit


2009 film Edit

"9" Scientist Facebook Edit

It's unknown when the Scientist created the Talisman but it was used to activate the B.R.A.I.N. in the past. The Scientist may have planned to use it to preserve human culture and life.

Fiction role in film Edit

Talisman Symbols

The Talisman Symbols Glows

In the past, the Scientist uses the Talisman to transfer parts of his soul into the stitchpunks. When he gave life to 9, he died but the Talisman, which was attached to the Transfer Module, manages to transfer that soul fragment into 9.

More info TBA.

Toys Edit

  • A toy accurate version of the Talisman is seen with the 9 toy as an accessory. Clearly, it's almost copper-colored and the symbols etched on it is colored light green.

Trivia Edit

  • How the Scientist made the Talisman is currently unknown.
  • The Talisman's powers appeared to be not normal, thus probably advanced scientific. How it sucks souls is clearly not normal. 1 refers to it and everything else relating to it as "dark science," and some assume it to be alchemy.

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