the cage

The bird cage is a man-maned object that appears in the film 9


Before the warEdit

The bird cage was owned possibly by the Chancellor. It could of housed a canry or some other bird. Its large with a lock and door.

During the war Edit

The bird inside it died, maybe of the gas or guns. The skeleton fell out except for the skull and the cat beast took it to the Factory.

After the war Edit

The bird cage remained in the factory. Where the the cat beast used it to imprison capturerd stitchpunks. 2 was a prisoner and 7 could have been one also.

Role in the filmEdit

The cage appears went 9 and 5 go and rescue 2. 2 lies unconscoius inside but wakes up. As 5 helps two out and opens the lock, the cat attacks them. It damages it by shooting its claws through and throwing it through the air with 2 in it. Then it crushes it and the bird cage is never seen again, but was presumably destroyed when the factory blew up.

Trivia Edit

Frazzie Spazzface (a.k.a. 7)

7 wears the bird skull