The bridge.

The bridge is a man-made bridge that appears in the film 9.

Description/appearance Edit

The bridge has metal rails, seemingly to be train rails. It has guardrails which fell off during the war and the train track can be seen on the steep canyon edges on the ground. It towers over a canyon with a misty depth. It is located not so far from the tunnel.

Before the warEdit

Prior to the war, the bridge was a normal railway bridge that allowed trains to travel out of town and to the factory. The Scientist or The Chancellor perhaps used it to go to work.

During the warEdit

A train that attempted to cross the bridge was either shot off or stopped mid-way in its crossing. Machine guns ripped the fragile wood and metal stands. The bridge became dangerous to cross, yet is still standing and has yet to collapse.

After the warEdit

The bridge has not changed much since the war ended.

Role in the filmEdit

As 9 and 5 go to rescue 2, they see the bridge but decide to go through the tunnel instead, possible due to the fragile nature of the bridge. When 9, 5, 1, 6 and 3 & 4 go to rescue 7 and 8 after they were kidnapped by the Seamstress, they could have gone over the bridge.

When the remaining stitchpunks escape after blowing up the factory with the oil barrel, they race to the bridge after 5's life is stolen by the Fabrication Machine when they celebrate their victory with the the record player.

As the machine chases them to the bridge, some pieces of wood falls under the machine's weight. Soon the Fabrication Machine plunges its mighty arms into the woods and rails, causing the bridge to break in half. Its rails are sparked by the robot's claws. 6 is taken by the robot as it grabs him through the wood. The bridge breaks in half, with the robot trapped inside the first part. 9 and 7 race off the second part as it falls to the mist below. They run to 1, 3, and 4. 6 is killed in the process and the first part of the bridge presumably falls as the machine gets out and goes around the canyon to kill the rest of the remaining stitchpunks.


  • 1: "To the bridge!"
  • 6: "No stop! You mustn't destroy it!"