The clocktower is a tall tower attached onto the cathedral. It seems to be roughly 30m high but to the stitchpunks a skyscraper. The watchtower is on top of it.


The clock tower has three windows and one clock face, to humans, the clock is about the size of a TV but to the stitchpunks the size of big ben's clocks. The dolls living in the cathedral can access it using the bucket elevator which stops in one small clockroom which is 1's room. The clock tower also has bells in it like most clocktowers did and the watchtower on its spire.

Before the warEdit

The clocktower was intact and working normally with workers to mantain it. The clock room seems rather small for a person although 9 and his tribe use the clockroom as a large room after the war.

During the warEdit

As the cathedral was battered by the machines with one plane crashing into it the clocktower was slightly damaged but the clock remained intact. Although with no humans to mantain it it stopped moving, intrestingly, the clock is frozen on the time 9 past 9.

After the warEdit

The clocktower became the stichpunk tower as many changes were made to it. The clockroom had many objects such as a chess set put it in. 1 lived in the clockroom and sat on a small model throne.

During the winged beast attackEdit

The clock was destroyed as the winged beast flew and smashed into it. The rest of the clocktower was destroyed in the fire, putting an end to clocktowers in the world.