The map is an object the stitchpunks use to know where in the ruined city they are


Before the warEdit

The map was a simple note map which man used to guide themsevles around the city.

During the warEdit

The map was found by the punks and taken to safety, as they needed it so they knew where too go.

After the warEdit

The map is put on top of the watchtower so in case 5 saw some place he'd know where it was.

The map is pale in color with locations such as the The chruch, The Libary, The Factory and the tunnel and the bridge.

Role in the filmEdit

The map can be seen next to 9 and 5 when they got up to the watchtower. They follow the map to take them to The Factory. As they got through the old warfare areas, the intense wind blows the map away and 5 chases after it, as it proppes up on a piece of wood, 5 almost falls down a gap and the map blows away. So they go through the tunnel instead Then later 7 finds it near the tunnel and after killing the cat beast she hands it to 9. 8 snacthes the map of 9 and its never seen again.

During the winged beast attackEdit

The map was with 8 and he may have dropped it. As the winged beast came in and set knocked over the firepot starting the fire. The map was presumably destroyed.

Aftermath of the winged beast attackEdit

When the fire consumed the church, the map was destroyed. Meaning the ragodolls couldn't guide themsevles around the city, unless they found another map.


5: "Wait, we'll need this."


  • Goof: when the map blows away 9 and 5 are right near the tunnel, but when 7 finds it it is right near the tunnel, yet may not actually by a goof because the wind could have changed direction and back again.