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The record player is an old record player which the stitchpunks play "somewhere over the rainbow" on after blowing up the factory.


Before the war: the record player, or phonogram, was used by soldiers. When the punks play on it, some bottles of liquor are seen, suggesting soldiers drank while playing songs.

During the war: the record player remained undamaged, the soldiers probally played "someone where over the rainbow" one last time before death. The player still works after the war ended, and some other 1930/40s record songs are still in their cases.

After the war: The record player lay by the factory and a bike, a shed and bottles of alcohol lay by it.

The player is small to humans, but the stitchpunks it is a large plaything, where they have fun riding it.

Role in the filmEdit

The stitchpunk tribe blow up the factory with the barrel of oil, despite losing 2 and 8. 3 and 4 put the needle onto the record and moonwalk on it, and it spins and the song plays. 9 and 7 sit on the lever, and 6 yawns "sounnnd!" into the bell. 1 sits on a bottle at the burning factory, feeling guiltly for being a bossy leader. 5 goes to find some more records, and one rolls away. He goes after it and is killed by the machine which emerges from the rubble, still alive. The song stops as 3 and 4 stop spinning and knock the needle off. The player is possibly crushed by the robot and is never seen again. Putting an end to music to this world.


One of the records 5 looks at resembled a singer from 1930s USA.

The film is set in 1930s Lexumberg or France, so its unknown why the song is in English. It might be because Judy Garland from the Wizard of oz only sung it in english.