The watchtower from afar.

The watchtower is a tower that appears in the 9 film. It was built by 5 and 2 on top of the cathedral's spire.


It has a perfect view of the wastes, making it the highest place the stichpunks can reach.

Before the warEdit

Prior to the war, the tower did not exist; it was simply the spire of the church.

During the warEdit

The cone spire received some damage from plane guns above, but not enough to knock it down.

After the warEdit

9 and 5

9 and 5 in the watchtower with the sextant.

After the war ends, the stitchpunks find the tip of the church and create the watchtower. It has cloth and tied together pieces of wood and poles to keep it upright and avoid winds from knocking it down. It has a sextant, which 5 uses to keep look out, the map, and a few other objects, including a small swing with what looks like a jewelry box.

Role in the filmEdit

9 factory

9 pointing at the factory from the tower.

1 orders 5 to go to the watchtower with 9 to work on look out. 5 takes 9 up on the the bucket elevator to the top, where he looks through the sextant. 9 says they should go and rescue 2, which they head out to do.

During the Winged Beast attackEdit

The watchtower was unharmed, since it was so high up from where the Winged Beast.

After the Winged Beast attackEdit

The watchtower was burnt down by the fire in the clocktower caused by the Winged Beast. The tower collapsed and the objects were either burned up or destroyed upon hitting the ground.


  • 1: "Go to the watchtower, and take our 'guest' with you."
  • 5: "This was the first thing we built together."